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Why You Should Use A Nanny Agency

A professional Nanny Agency is an extremely valuable resource for both families looking to hire a nanny, and nannies looking for work. These days with so many website options it can be overwhelming to know where to begin in your search. While these sites can be useful there is truly nothing like working with a Nanny Agency. Nanny agencies take the time to form professional relationships with you and are able to cater to your specific needs. Rather than receiving hundreds of applications on websites from people that you know nothing about, your nanny agency screens and properly background checks each nanny candidate for your family’s safety. In addition to this they must have experience working as a professional in child care, as well as having outstanding references, a proper resume, and updated CPR certification.

Here are some of the services that we offer at  Quilty’s Quality Nannies: Full Time Nannies, Part Time Nannies, Live In Nannies, After School Nannies, Nanny Shares, Date Night Babysitters, Company or Special Event Sitters, Overnight Sitters, Mother’s Helpers, Holiday Nannies, Summer Nannies, Vacation Nannies (Ideal when vacationing in Orlando), and Travel Nannies. Owner Olivia Quilty has worked as a professional Nanny for over ten years before opening her Central Florida based Nanny Agency. This is a huge benefit in this industry for both families and nannies. From these available services, Olivia will listen to your specific needs as parents and send you top notch professional nannies to choose from. You won’t have to worry about wasting your time meeting candidates that are not available to work the schedule that you are in need of. With such attention to detail Olivia knows each nanny’s availability, and what each specific family is looking for so that she sends only the nannies that are a match. Many families have said that the most difficult part for them was choosing from so many wonderful nannies!

Nannies can rest assured that they are being looked out for when working with such agencies as Quilty’s. Rather than having to weed through low paying jobs on parent and caregiver websites, we set a standard professional starting rate based on current industry standards, as well as rates that go up from there based on experience. This is extremely important in keeping Nanny Industry standards high, and the quality of our nannies exceptional! A proper agency will also do much of the negotiating that can be so stressful without professional assistance. Contract and pay negotiations, benefits, guaranteed hours, vacation and personal time, are just some of the things that you can expect to have the utmost professional guidance and assistance with. As a nanny you will only be sent on interviews that are a fit for what you are looking for. An agency worth their weight will know what areas each nanny is able to travel to, how many hours she is seeking, and what pay range she is at. At Quilty’s it is extremely important to us to protect domestic workers by following the laws for overtime, and legal pay, and protection against such things as banking hours. For nannies using an agency is also a much safer option! On websites there is no actual person looking out for you who has met the families. The interview process in such a case could be scary as there are always some scams, and you never want to meet people at their home that you have no idea who they are.

Many agencies have On Call nannies that are available should your nanny become ill. This is a benefit that you won’t have if you hired a nanny without an agency. It is a huge perk of using an agency to know that you can call for backup if your nanny has an emergency, needs unexpected time off, or is simply too sick to come to work that day. You can rest assured that the nanny sent to you follows the agencies standards, has been properly screened, and will be capable of stepping in to make sure your children’s day runs smoothly and on schedule.

What can a Nanny expect when looking for work using an agency? After filling out our applications she can expect to have an interview with the owner. After this you will be contacted with available jobs that are a match to see if you are interested. Olivia will prep you for the interview process and answer any questions along the way. Olivia reaches out to nannies after each interview to see how it went and follow up. Once a job offer has been made, together you can work out the details and look forward to starting your new job feeling confident that all important details have been covered.

Families can expect the exact same one on one professional relationship and attention to detail. We are available to answer any questions before and after the interview and help in the selection process if needed. You can have absolute peace of mind knowing that every nanny that you meet is of the highest quality and has experience! If this is your first time hiring a nanny you will also have the peace of mind with being informed of updated industry standards, and assistance with contract negotiations. There is no guessing involved when you use our agency. Olivia also takes the time match up families and nannies whose personalities she feels are a good fit. With so much attention to detail and professionalism it is clear to see why using a nanny agency is the best idea!

If you are in Central Florida, we truly hope that you will reach out to us for your needs as parents and nannies. We strive to make every step of the process enjoyable, and without the confusion of going it alone. If you are located elsewhere, please take the time to research potential nanny agencies to be sure that they are following industry standard. Following legalities in nanny placement services is so important for both the nannies and the parents hiring them. You want to choose an agency that truly values and cares about connecting families and nannies, follows the law, and is up to date on industry standards.

We look forward to working with you at Quilty’s Quality Nannies!


By: Anne-Marie Ferraro