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Traveling With Your Nanny

The summer months are upon us which, for many, mean vacations and plenty of travel time. If you are a family that has arranged to take your nanny with you on these trips, you will want to know the industry guidelines to follow to ensure a happy and smooth trip for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the important things to be aware of when traveling with your nanny.

You will want to make sure that your nanny has her own room. It is so important for her to have personal space in her off time while you are away. Be sure to include this in your trip expenses. If for some reason you are not able to accommodate her own space, you will need to pay her around the clock. A nanny is not really off if she does not have her own space to get away to rest and relax with privacy. You will need to plan to provide food for your nanny for the entire trip. You may choose to take her grocery shopping, give her an allowance for buying food, or a combination of the two. The hotel and the flights are also to be covered by the family. This trip, quite like when you travel for business is not a vacation for your nanny but rather a work trip. This means that any trip related expenses are to be covered for her. Keep in mind that this is not your nanny’s vacation. She is away from home to work and will still need her paid vacation time separate from her work travel. Some nannies require a daily travel fee which you will want to discuss beforehand. The best time to talk about traveling with your nanny is during the interview process and upon hire. There are many nannies who enjoy traveling with their nanny families, while others do not have the flexibility to do so with their own personal lives and commitments, or simply choose not to travel. Be sure to include travel details in your contract as well as giving your nanny ample notice of the travel dates.

Now that you have a clear idea on what expenses are involved, be sure to discuss rates with your nanny. If she is on duty or on call overnight, you will want to pay that as a separate fee in addition to the hours that she works the same as you would if she were staying overnight with the children while you are out of town. It is considerate if she chooses not to require a daily travel fee to pay her above her normal at home hourly rate since she is away from home to assist your family on your vacations. You will want to give your nanny a set schedule of working hours for the trip so that there is no confusion as to when she is working and when she is free to relax and go enjoy herself. Plan this out ahead of time and provide your nanny with a hard copy of the schedule for her convenience. If she will be joining your family for any special dinners or outings be sure to make her aware so that she is prepared with the proper attire for the specific events. Let her know that when you invite her to join you for dinner and such outside of her scheduled working hours that she is there to relax and enjoy the experience with your family.

Following these basics and having open communication with your nanny prior to traveling will go a long way in ensuring a wonderful vacation for your family and a smooth and enjoyable work trip for your nanny. We wish you a happy and safe Summer as you enjoy your travels!

By: Anne-Marie Ferraro