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National Nanny Training Day

National Nanny Training Day is an event that takes place all over the country annually. This year it will be taking place on April 13th, 2019. This is an event to bring nannies of all ages and experiences levels together to further their training, network, and create bonds within each community. At this special annual event Nannies can plan to be welcomed with breakfast together followed by a day full of speakers, games, activities, lunch, giveaways, and open discussions. If you have never attended a National Nanny Training Day you may not be sure what types of things will be taught and discussed so let’s take a look at some of them!

Continued education is such an important part of any profession and being a nanny is no exception to this. This event makes continued education fun and enjoyable for nannies while discussing and exposing them to important things to be trained with for use in their day to day lives as a Nanny.  Guest speakers of various backgrounds and careers attend these events to share their knowledge and expertise with you. These speakers all have specific things to offer relating to the care, nurturing, and safety of children. Some topics that are discussed are specific to the career aspect of being a nanny, such as how to write a professional resume and cover letter, and where to advertise your services to promote yourself when seeking a position. How to handle yourself on an interview, what to ask, industry standards that you should be following and expecting, and how to negotiate a proper contract are all business aspects that are covered.  Creative crafts and fun inspiring ideas for children’s activities are shared to help fill your days with learning and fun for the little ones in your care. Nannies will learn how to handle problems that arise with the children and how to have difficult talks with the parents in the event serious issues come up. Child Psychologists have shared important details on Autism and other topics of mental health and well-being that can arise with the children that take special knowledge and insight to navigate. As a nanny it is important to be prepared in the event of an emergency, knowing when you need to call 911, what to expect from the dispatcher, what to do while waiting, are things that are important to be prepared for before an emergency happens. How to handle a choking baby or child, safe sleep habits for infants and babies, first aid, and child and infant CPR are all topics that nannies have had the opportunity to be educated on at National Nanny Training Day. This is a list of common topics but while speakers vary per event there is so much more!

You can find out ahead of time what speakers and topics will be covered at your local event by contacting your local event coordinator. As a nanny, National Nanny Training day can set you up with the tools you need for safety and success in your career. In addition to learning, these events are an incredible opportunity to meet other nannies in your local community. Having a network of nanny friends gives you support, special bonds, and other nannies to plan outings, playdates, and events with. It is important for nannies to have other adults that they can interact with throughout their work week to keep them healthy and happy as well, while creating social skills and friendships for the children.

We hope you will attend this delightful and educational event! This event also makes a great just because gift for a nanny in your life whether a friend or as the parents who employ a nanny. We look forward to seeing you at National Nanny Training Day 2019!