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National Nanny Recognition Week 2019

It is September which means that National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW) is almost here! If you have not heard of it then you may be wondering what NNRW is? National Nanny Recognition Week was established in 1998 by a group of dedicated industry leaders who wanted to recognize and appreciate nannies for all that they do. Quite like we have Secretary’s Day, Bosses Day, Teacher’s Appreciation Week, and other such days of recognition, this one is for the nannies. The founders felt that it was time for nannies to be acknowledged for the hardworking professionals that they are. NNRW is an international effort run by Kellie Geres and Angela Jackson. Many cities across the world will have local events to celebrate nannies during this special week.

If National Nanny Recognition Week is new to you, you can first begin the celebration by marking your calendars! NNRW 2019 is September 22- September 28th. If you are parents that employ a nanny this is a great week to do something special for your nanny to thank her for her hard work and show her that you appreciate her. There are many ideas to choose from to show her some extra attention during this special week! A sweet letter or thoughtful card is a nice gesture. You can tuck a little gift card inside to her favorite restaurant, store, or coffee shop. The gift of Self Care is a wonderful one to give to your nanny. Nannies spend so much of their time caregiving that a little self-care and pampering can truly be a treat! You can do this in a couple of different ways. Give the gift of some spa treatments with a gift certificate to a local spa. This time of relaxation can be so beneficial for a hardworking nanny. Another way is to put together a special gift basket of self-care items. Candles, lotions, skin creams, yummy treats, a good book are all great ideas to add. Think of things that your nanny really likes and enjoys and make the basket personal for her. If your nanny loves coffee a special package of coffee with some cute mugs is a sweet idea. Toss in a little something extra by having the children hand make a card, painting, or craft for their nanny. If you are able to do so, giving your nanny the gift of an unexpected paid day off is sure to be appreciated! Your nanny can use this day to relax or do something she has been wanting to do and has not made the time for. This is also a good time to update your nanny’s certifications if they are due. You could consider gifting your nanny with a membership to the International Nanny Association www.nanny.org or paying for some childcare classes or certificates that she has been interested in. These days you can also find a lot of nanny gear such as t shirts, totes, and mugs, that make cute gifts! Whatever you do, be sure to remember your nanny during this special week! Showing your appreciation with a thoughtful gift or treat can go a long way in making your nanny feel valued!

If you are a nanny you should absolutely celebrate yourselves and each other during National Nanny Recognition Week! Plan a nanny night out with your local nannies! Have a no children rule and just get together at a local restaurant to enjoy fellowship and celebrating the hard work that you do and the love and joy that you bring to children all year long. Make cards or small gift packages for your nanny friends. As a nanny what you do matters and you should use this time to show yourself some self-love and celebrate! Treat yourself to some cute nanny t-shirts that you have had your eye on, go for that pedicure that you have been putting off, get a massage, take yourself out to the little restaurant that you haven’t tried yet. Buy yourself something at your favorite store and don’t feel guilty about it! Whatever you choose to do for yourself this week be sure to do something! As a nanny you deserve to be celebrated and that includes celebrating yourself!

Why do nannies love National Nanny Recognition Week so much? This is because it is the one week out of the year as caregivers that we are reminded to slow down and celebrate what we do, the little lives we touch every day, the dedication to our nanny families. It is a reminder through all of the ups and downs as with any profession that what we do matters! Nannies make a difference that lasts! So, remember that and enjoy this special week as you celebrate yourselves as nannies and the nannies who work hard for your families!

Happy National Nanny Recognition Week!

By: Anne-Marie Ferraro