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Interested in Hiring a Nanny? Where to Start!

Hiring a nanny is a very important decision that will require some thoughts and planning before you begin the process of interviewing potential candidates. One of the first things to think about is why you want to hire a nanny. What is it about a professional nanny caring for your children that is most appealing to you? Is it the one on one attention that your child will receive? Are you looking for a flexible schedule? Do you love the convenience of someone coming to your home? Are you looking to have a long-term nanny who will grow with your family over the years? Take the time to sit down and list the things that stand out to you the most about having a nanny for your family. There are so many benefits to having a nanny that you simply do not have with other forms of childcare, and you will want to keep these in mind and discuss them with the nannies that you speak to.

Now let’s take a look at the characteristics that you want in a nanny and be sure to write these down as well. It is important to do this before creating an ad or reaching out to potential candidates. Some things to consider are the following: Do you want a nanny who is playful with a great sense of humor? Do you prefer a stern and strict nanny? Are you seeking someone who loves to multi task and keep busy? Are you looking for an active nanny who loves the outdoors? Perhaps a nanny who loves arts and crafts and creative outings? Would you prefer a Bilingual nanny? Is it important to you that your nanny is a non-smoker? While going over your list of things that you would like, be sure to consider the things that would bother you. Each nanny will bring their own unique blend of experience, personality, likes and dislikes, ideas, and other traits that set them apart to the table. Having an idea of what you are looking for will help you along in the process of choosing the right fit for you and your family.

The next step before speaking with nannies applying for the position is to clearly know your needs. Nanny candidates will look for specific things based on what they are currently seeking for employment. You will want to be ready with these things so that you draw the right candidates for the job! Things to consider: How many hours per week are you offering? What days? Be sure to set your budget and have an idea of what you are willing to pay. Are you able to negotiate for a more experienced nanny if that is what you desire? Are the hours the same every week or will they change? Do you need a nanny who is flexible? If so, be sure to include your needs for flexibility within the ad. What responsibilities do you expect from your nanny? Put together the Benefits package that you have in mind for your nanny so that you can openly discuss what benefits you will be offering.

Now that you are ready to begin your search for a nanny let’s look at the places where you can begin to find proper and professional candidates. There are basic online ways to begin your search www.care.com and www.sittercity.com are great resources to set up a profile that allows caregivers to apply. One of the absolute best ways to be sure that you are finding screened and professional nannies is to use a professional nanny agency. A simple google search for agencies in your area is a great way to begin, as well as reaching out to people you know with nannies about which agencies they love! Social Media is another great resource. There are many parents and nanny groups on Facebook that you can join and post your ad on. Reach out to friends and family, they may have a fabulous nanny that they no longer need and would love to refer to you.

When making your ad be sure to include where you are located, ages of the children, hours and days you are seeking, job responsibilities, what you want in a nanny, and a little bit about your family. List the pay range and benefits if available.

Now it is time to set up your interviews! Prepare your questions ahead of time and do a brief phone interview with each candidate. Once you have done this you can set up in person interviews, call references, background check, and when you have chosen a nanny, make a job offer!

By: Anne-Marie Ferraro