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How To Create A Nanny Portfolio

As a Professional Nanny it is so important to have a proper portfolio. This not only shows professionalism but assists you in standing out from the crowd during the interview process. Let’s discuss what types of things should be included in a proper nanny portfolio and how to deliver it.

If you prefer to carry a hard copy with you be sure to have it on hand for your interview. You may also send It over digitally. Some families prefer this as it gives them the opportunity to look it over before your meeting. If you wish you can ask each potential family if they would prefer it being sent over or if they would like you to bring it the day of the interview.

Your portfolio should begin with a cover letter. Take the time to make this cover letter specific to the job that you are interviewing for. You may include why you see this family as being a fit for you regarding the hours, ages of the children, and what stands out about this job that you are excited about. Next, share a little bit about yourself including your hobbies and interests. Families enjoy getting the opportunity to know a little bit about potential nannies and what makes them unique and interesting. Discuss why you became a nanny and the things that you love most about your profession. Keep your cover letter simple, friendly, and to the point, as this is the first thing they will read when looking over your portfolio.

Next you will want to include a Professional Nanny Resume. Be sure to take the time with this so that it is properly done. The last thing you want is a thrown together resume which can make you come across as unprepared or unprofessional. Create a separate section for each family. Do not give out full names or contact information in your resume. Simply list the families last name, for example “The Smith Family”. Create bullet points under each family sharing the details of that specific job, the ages of the children, and what your responsibilities were. Include the dates that you were employed by each family.

The next part of your portfolio should be your letters of recommendation. Include all of the ones that you have and reach out to any past families that you do not have one from yet. These letters show your work history in a more personal way that potential families will enjoy reading. It is best to have a letter from each past employer so that your letters and resume match up nicely without any gaps or missing information.

After your letters of recommendation include any degrees that you may have that are directly related to the childcare industry, followed by your certifications. If you are a Newborn Care Specialist and you are interviewing for a position with a newborn, be sure to include this in the beginning as well. Your certifications should include CPR and first aid training. 

Now that we have covered all of the important things to include in your Nanny Portfolio, let’s take it a step further! By going above and beyond you can stand out amidst the portfolios of other potential nannies. This gives you the chance to shine! Take the time to pay attention to detail and add some things that are unique to your experience. You could, for example, include a list of some favorite age appropriate children’s books that you have enjoyed reading to little ones. Sample schedules based on the specific age group of the children you are being considered to care for. If it is a newborn and you have great experience on newborn schedules and what works, why not include this? Print outs of basic baby sign language, lesson plans, crafts that you enjoy, favorite playdate locations (be sure they are located near the family) are all great ideas to include! Consider sharing your knowledge by printing out first foods to introduce to baby and other things that come to mind from your experience as a nanny. Sample contracts are helpful to add to this part of your portfolio as well!

Remember to take the time and be thorough with your Nanny Portfolio. This is your opportunity to stand out as the professional that you are and land the nanny job of your dreams!

By: Anne-Marie Ferraro