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How a Live-in Nanny Works

Some families looking to hire a professional nanny may prefer the option of a Live-in Nanny. There are many ways in which a live-in situation can be beneficial for both the family and the nanny. You may be a professional who has some weekly scheduled on call shifts, or simply work early or late hours on a regular basis where this option may be a good fit for you. When hiring a Live-in Nanny there are many things to consider. You will want to have a solid set schedule for your nanny the same way you would if your nanny was a live out. If you know the set hours that you will need her, be sure to have this discussed and included in the contract. If the hours will change from week to week you will want to set a weekly date that your nanny can plan on receiving her schedule for the following week. If you are in a profession such as a Doctor or a Nurse where you have some on call shifts, be sure to discuss this with potential live in nannies during the interview process. Together you can agree on certain times each week being on call for your nanny as they are for you. You will want to compensate your nanny for this time since she has set it aside for you as a part of her weekly schedule.

When hiring a Live-in Nanny, a detailed contract is extremely important! You will want to be solid on the details of your nannies living quarters. Your nanny should have her own space for her off time. In some cases, this is a whole separate apartment attached to the house, in many it is simply her own private bedroom and bathroom. It is very important for a Live-in Nanny to have some personal space for her time off. Having her own bedroom and bathroom is the standard for a Live in Nanny, and a preferred situation for all. When creating her schedule, you will want to put in the contract her off time. If this is set hours and days, they should be listed. If it will vary from week to week that should be listed in her contract along with what day she can expect to receive her schedule for the week, including any on call shifts.

When hiring a Live-in Nanny there are some unique situations to consider that differ from having a Live-out Nanny. Can your nanny have guests in her off time? Be sure to discuss this and include it in your contract. Keep in mind that your nanny is an individual with her own life, so you will want to discuss what her off time looks like for all of you, as well as detailing any solid house rules. While it may seem with a Live-in Nanny that the parents can leave while the children are asleep whenever they choose, this is not actually the case. Your nannies off time is just that, her personal time off. Outside of her scheduled working hours she is not to be working without it being discussed and agreed upon. If your nanny is willing to take on some extra hours she will need to be compensated for her time, even if she and the children are asleep. In this case she is expected to be ready to wake up should they have any needs during the night, just as if she was a regular nanny working an overnight shift. Be considerate of your nanny and discuss any outings ahead of time to see if she is available and to agree on them together.

When your nanny is off in a live-in situation it can create some confusion for the children. Be sure that your little ones know that they are not to disturb the nanny when she is off. For example, if she is off on Saturday and could be sleeping, it is important to respect her space and not let the children be making noise or screaming near her room. You will want to discuss and detail what dinner time looks like. Is your nanny invited to family dinner? If not and she has her own kitchen great, but if she does not, at what times does she have access to the family kitchen? How do holidays, special occasions, and birthday dinners look for your family and your nanny? Will she be invited to these to enjoy as a guest? These are all things to consider with a Live-in situation. Generally, a Nanny, even Live out, becomes a part of the family over time, even more so with a live in. It is important to take into consideration all of these details.

A Live-in Nanny is also unique in that she will get to know your family in a more personal way. She is in and out of your home on a regular basis and is never far. You will want to be considerate and aware of such things as arguments between the parents. It is best if you can keep these out of earshot from your nanny, as it can make her, and you uncomfortable in the long run. Remember when hiring a Live-in Nanny that she is a part of your home and family, so you will want to be considerate of her, her privacy, and your privacy as a couple.

When hiring a Live-in Nanny, the rate varies a little bit from a live out, but not extremely so. You will want to be sure to be up to date on the current cost of a Live-in Nanny. When hiring a Live-in Nanny, room and board are a part of her package. This it to be paid for by the family. It is unacceptable to request that a Live-in Nanny works in exchange for room and board. She is a professional nanny working in exchange for a fee. Room and board in this case are a part of the packaged deal.

Some of the benefits to having a Live-in Nanny are positive for both parties involved. Your professional nanny is working without having to worry about her commute, and has a living space, and you the family have your nanny available in the event of an emergency and are not worried about her being late to work. These are all things to detail in your contract! Take the time to sit down and discuss any concerns, daily activities, and expectations to ensure that the working and living relationship is a comfortable fit for all involved!


By: Anne-Marie Ferraro