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Hiring a Temporary Nanny During Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, you may have found yourself considering hiring a Temporary Nanny. Perhaps you are not comfortable with sending your children to daycare for the time being, or have decided to continue to home school. Hiring a Private Temporary Nanny may be an option that is more comfortable for you as you navigate these current circumstances. Before beginning the interview process, you will want to be certain that you are informed of the laws regarding hiring a nanny. These laws apply to the hiring of all nannies whether temporary or longer term. A Nanny is a Household Employee, which means that you will need to have a proper payroll service set up, with proper taxes being withheld.  As with most industries, by law you will need to be prepared to pay your nanny time and a half for any hours over 40 that she works each week. Take the time to educate yourself on the current pay range for a Nanny in your area, and what you are comfortable paying. In Orlando you can expect to pay anywhere from $15-25 per hour based on experience as well as the number of children and job description. 

Having a Nanny working in your home is more personal than for example hiring a Receptionist for your office. Take the time to think about the personality traits and qualities that you would prefer from a Nanny. Do you want someone fun loving and laid back? Would you prefer a Nanny that is strict? Perhaps someone who enjoys the outdoors? Whatever the case may be, take the time to think about what qualities best fit your family’s needs. You will want to consider your parenting philosophy as well as how you handle discipline. It is most ideal when the parents and the Nanny are on the same page with these types of things. It will result in much less conflict and a smoother professional relationship. You will want to take the time to discuss these topics during the interview process. Take the time to write down your specific needs so that you can convey them to each candidate. What will the Nannies schedule look like? Will it be the same each week or will it vary? What is your goal start date? Be sure to detail any specific responsibilities that you will require, such as doing the children’s laundry. It is a good idea to write down a list of interview questions so that you do not get sidetracked talking and forget to ask important things. 

Now that you have an idea of what to expect when beginning the process of hiring a Nanny, you may be wondering where you should begin your search. Using a local Professional Nanny Agency is a great option as you will be getting Nannies with experience and who have already been background checked. Agencies will take the time to send you only the Nannies that fit your specific needs and schedule, which can save you a lot of time and energy. These Nannies are required to maintain up to date certifications for Infant and Child CPR with most agencies as well. You can also take the time to do a search at www.care.com and www.sittercity.com for a Caregiver in your area. On Social Media, such as Facebook, there are many groups these days specifically made to connect Nannies and Families. Do a search of any groups in your location and create a post. Be as detailed as possible with the hours, city, and rate of pay if possible. This will help to ensure that only Nannies available in that area will reach out. If you have friends or family that have had or have a Nanny, old fashioned word of mouth can be great. Reach out and let others know that you are beginning the search for a Nanny and would appreciate any personal referrals. 

Once you are prepared to interview potential candidates always begin with a phone interview. This can allow you to determine if you are a potential match without wasting their time or yours. Discuss the basic details of the job in the phone interview as well as the rate or range of pay. You can then begin to schedule in person interviews with the Nannies that you are considering for hire. During the in-person interview be sure to discuss your current practices and ask them theirs regarding Covid-19. Keep in mind that you legally cannot control what your Nanny does when she is not at work, however you can get a feel for if you are on the same page or not. If you have children who will be home schooled, and this is a responsibility that your Nanny will be taking on, be clear about the expectations. How many hours a day will she be tutoring. If she is taking on the role of Tutor in addition to Nannying smaller children, you may want to consider reflecting this in the pay rate that you choose to settle on. If you are currently working from home discuss this as well, and take the time to set up some boundaries together for the hours that your Nanny works. Keep in mind that when parents who work from home continue to pop in and out throughout the day, it can be very disruptive for the children and the Nanny, making the day much more difficult. Try to keep this to a minimum if at all possible. 

Once you have selected a Nanny you will want to sit down and make a contract that is agreed upon by both parties. Include an end date that your Nanny can plan on. In the event that the end date is truly unknown, be up front about this and include a termination clause for both parties of 2-4 weeks’ notice. Keep the lines of communication open as much as possible regarding the approaching ending of the position as it nears. At Quilty’s Quality Nannies we have many blogs on our website that you will find useful during the making of your contract. Look for our titles on Interview Tips Parent Addition, Nanny Contracts, Guaranteed Hours, as well as some other topics that you may find helpful during this process.

We wish you all the best with your Temp Nanny and much health!

By: Anne-Marie Ferraro