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Giving Your Nanny A Raise When Adding A New Baby

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a very exciting time! Many parents find themselves wondering if they should give their nanny a raise when this happens. The answer is a solid yes! You may be thinking that since your older child will be in school that this does not apply, however it is proper to ALWAYS give a raise when adding another child. Let’s take a look at some different situations and why this raise is so important.

Perhaps you have had a nanny for a few years and your little one will now be going to school around the same time that you are welcoming your new baby. You may think to yourself that your nannies work load is not changing since she will just have the baby at home most of the day. This is not actually the case for several reasons. Chances are you nanny helps out with the children’s laundry, which means that now she will be doing laundry for two children. She has likely been helping out with preparing your child’s meals and this is also adding another child to feed. She may be packing your school age child’s lunch, preparing after school snacks, unpacking the lunchbox, and in some cases preparing dinner for the children. Even while the baby is not eating solids, yet your nanny is keeping bottles clean, a feeding schedule, and meal planning to be sure that things are running smoothly.

Another thing to consider is summertime, school breaks such as Spring break, Teacher work days, and other days off that may occur during the school year. Your child may even stay home sick sometimes and your nanny is there to provide care. Your nanny will have both children on these days, sometimes planned and sometimes unexpected. She is also the backup call for the school in the event you need to be reached to pick up your child and are unavailable. If your nanny is working a full day, she is likely helping out with school drop offs or pick-ups, as well as providing care for your child for the after school hours. Even if this is just from 3PM to 5PM she now has two children at her job.

Now you may be wondering if you should just pay your nanny extra for the actual time that she has both children? The answer to that would be no, while it may sound good in theory it is really unfair to your nanny. Quite like when your children are napping your nanny is still responsible for two children now. One child does not simply disappear because they are at school. She is still your nanny who works hard and provides your children with security and stability throughout her work week. It is also important to make sure your nanny knows that you value and appreciate her for the professional that she is. Failing to give a raise when another child comes into the picture sends the wrong message to your nanny and can quite likely result in hard feelings and her looking for a new job.

Simply put, any time that you add another baby or child into the mix a raise is to be given. This more often than not means a new baby, but there are outside situations that can occur with families that should also be treated this same way. You may have chosen to adopt a child, you may have a step child that will be coming to live with you full time, you may be taking a niece or nephew into your home to help out family. Whatever the case is an added child means a raise for your nanny. It is well worth it to keep a top-notch nanny who is providing exceptional care for your children. Upon the news of a new little one schedule a meeting with your nanny. At this time, you can discuss any questions or concerns, talk about the schedule, review and revise the contract as needed, thank her for choosing to move forward with your family during this exciting time, and offer her a well-deserved raise!

We wish you the best as you embark on the exciting journey of expanding your family!

By: Anne-Marie Ferraro