Quilty's Quality Nannies


What we ask from our familieS

Overtime for anything over 40 hours

Minimum of $18/hour

Gas Mileage Reimbursement

Legal Pay

Paid Time Off


Fill Out Application

List as much as possible so I can advertise your position. Need to have actual hours, location, and pay range. Be as in-depth as possible.

Phone Consultation

30-minute phone interview discussing needs, what you’re looking for and going over the process.

Deposit with Contract

Pay deposit and sign contract before getting nanny portfolios

Receive Nanny Portfolios

Will send any nanny who is interested in your job and we feel fits the requirements. Each portfolio comes with an “about me page”, resume, letters of recommendations, and any certifications/diplomas.


Set up virtual interviews. For virtual interviews, most families do about 4-6. After that, they choose 2-3 of those to meet in person.

Choose Nanny

Send over offer letter to the nanny you want! After background check is back, we will go over contract and work agreement to make sure everyone is on the same page.