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Driving & Gas Mileage For Your Nanny

So, you have a fabulous professional nanny and now you want to know how to handle driving privileges and the fees that go along with them. This is a great question and a topic to be open and comfortable discussing with your nanny. It is also a good idea to include this when making a contract to be sure that you are on the same page and following the current standards and rates. So, let’s take a look!

First let’s establish which vehicle the nanny will be driving. If you work from home and are able to offer her yours, or if you have another vehicle available for the nannies use during working hours that is great. This is not an option for everyone but let’s talk about this for those that are using this option. In this case it is your responsibility to keep up with the vehicle’s maintenance as well as putting fuel in it. If you prefer it is perfectly ok to give the nanny a card to fuel up with on a regular basis during her outings with the children. Be sure to keep up with the regular checkups that a vehicle requires to ensure the safety of your nanny and your children. You should have appropriate car seats in this vehicle. Since your nanny is using your vehicle you do not need to worry about gas mileage fees, simply maintaining the vehicle and being sure that the car seats are up to date for the child’s size, age, and any other required guidelines.

The most common option is that the nanny uses her personal vehicle for transporting the children to and from activities and or school during her work day. If this is the option that you choose be sure that your nanny has the appropriate car seats in her car as well (provided by you). Most families prefer to purchase separate car seats for the nanny to ensure that daily activity is running smoothly, and so that she has them in the event of an emergency. Constantly taking car seats in and out from your car to your nanny’s car can become tiresome and time consuming on a regular basis. When your nanny is using her car for outings it is standard to reimburse her per mile according to the current IRS mileage reimbursement fee. The current Mileage fee as of January 2019 is 58 cents per mile. You can track this by asking your nanny to keep track simply by setting her meter before each outing and recording it, or if you prefer there are apps available to track for her. She will log this information for you so that you can reimburse her weekly, biweekly, or monthly, based on your agreement. This Mileage fee is for working hours and does not include your nannies commute to and from work.

Some families will also offer their nanny a gas stipend. This can be a fixed amount per month, or an agreed upon amount based on miles. This is not required but is a nice gesture and benefit if you are able to do so.

Now let’s talk about car rules. If the nanny is using your vehicle you may choose to permit eating and drinking. If the nanny is using her vehicle keep in mind that it is her personal vehicle and the rules she sets for it are the rules to abide by. She may choose not to allow the children to eat and drink while in her car and this is her rule to make regardless of what you allow in your vehicle. Please ask the children to respect and follow her rules. It is an extra nice thing to offer to wash or have your nanny’s car detailed every now and then. This is of course not a requirement but rather an added bonus should you choose to show appreciation with this gesture.

There is one time when you should reimburse your nanny for mileage outside of her typical work day. If you have asked your nanny to drop the children off anywhere on her way home from work, be considerate and add these miles into her mileage reimbursement. She is taking the extra time and going out of her way to bring your children somewhere to keep things convenient for you and it is the right thing to do.

On a side note of course it is important to make sure that you and your nanny have up to date auto insurance and that any vehicle being used for her working hours is up to date on its registration. Be sure to show your nanny if she is using your vehicle where the registration is located in the even that she needs to present it.

Following these basic driving standards will ensure a proper and efficient day for you, your nanny and your children!


By: Anne-Marie Ferraro