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How a Live-in Nanny Works

Some families looking to hire a professional nanny may prefer the option of a Live-in Nanny. There are many ways in which a live-in situation can be beneficial for both the family and the nanny. You may be a professional who has some weekly scheduled on call shifts, or simply work early or late hours …

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How Nanny Shares Work

The term “Nanny Share” has become more common in recent years. When exploring your child care options this can be a great one to consider. Perhaps you find yourself leaning towards hiring a nanny instead of using a daycare, yet your budget doesn’t have as much wiggle room as you would like. This is one …

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Break Time for Nannies

When you have an energetic and professional nanny caring for your children it is important to remember that she too is human and has the same types of needs during her work day that you have at your own. Hiring a nanny that you love is just part of the process, now that you have …

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Self-Care for Nannies

The choice to become a professional nanny means that you not only love children, you also love taking care of them. On a daily basis you are tending to the physical, emotional, and other daily needs of the children in your care. In addition to a nurturing spirit this requires the often overlooked task of …

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