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Amaya Papaya – PlayLounge in Central Florida

It is so important for nannies and moms to have places that they can take the children for regular outings! This month we want to share Amaya Papaya with you! Run by a mom herself, Yolanda Tyler, you will find this indoor playground to be exceptional! Yolanda runs several mom groups and seeks to empower mothers while fostering a sense of community. She does just this with her spacious and clean indoor playground that includes scheduled events and activities. Amaya is a place where moms and nannies can come with confidence knowing that it is extremely clean, well maintained, and run professionally. Amaya Papaya is an especially great choice in the hot summer months when it is simply too humid for the park.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can expect from Amaya Papaya: Amaya has been open for ten years now building a solid reputation for a quality indoor play ground. One of the major perks is that it is specifically designed for children ages 0-6 years old. This allows it to be a safe environment for younger children to play, explore, and grow, without the worry of older kids running around. Nannies and moms will have the opportunity to connect with others who care for children in the same age groups allowing them to form friendships between themselves and the children. Amaya has nice lounge chairs for the adults so that they can take breaks and supervise their little ones as they play. Children have the opportunity to play, grow, and learn through hands on discovery, role playing, physical activity, and parent/child interaction. Amaya provides a relaxing environment that is earth friendly and maintains the highest standards of cleanliness. You may feel free to bring your own lunch to Amaya, and eat comfortably in their dining area. There are snacks available for purchase as well. Amaya Papaya also works with local vendors to provide different things for its guests throughout the year. Free WIFI is provided for the adults convenience.

Some of the basic rules to ensure that all guests are having the best possible time while staying safe are: Socks must be worn, and shoes must be removed. If you find yourself on a hectic day where you forgot to pack socks for your child who is wearing sandals, you can save yourself any extra errands by purchasing socks at Amaya! Sick children will not be permitted. It is best for everyone if your sick little one rests up and heals, and comes back for some fun at Amaya when they are healthy! This is one way that Amaya works to reduce the spread of germs keeping your children in a clean sick free environment.

Some of the things that you can expect at Amaya are: Extremely clean and bright changing stations! You can tend to your babies needs without worry! In their effort to maintain a germ free playground, Amaya has a special bin for toys to go in that have been chewed on, or otherwise become dirty. The toys are cleaned and sanitized on a regular schedule to give you peace of mind. There are many tables for lunchtime separate from the play area, so that you and your children can take a lunch break before heading back to play some more. Amaya is carpeted and comfortable. You will find dress up clothes, children powered toys, kitchen area, sand box, balls, trucks, a train table, things to build, break, and fix, a work bench, puzzles, blocks, a sensory garden, trampolines, and slides. This unique playground provides your children with not just fun, but also the ability to develop skills while they play!

What can you expect for costs? Amaya accepts cards and cash (no checks) You may sign up for a monthly membership $40 for children under the age of one, $55 for over age one, or five visits for $45 which can be used for multiple children and has no expiration date. If you prefer a Single Day Pass children under age one are $8 and over age one are $12. Each admission includes two free adults. Additional adults may be added for $4 each. In addition to these standard rates Amaya Papaya offers play date rates with 24 hour advanced reservations as well as some Bogo deals and birthday specials. 

Amaya also features classes and special events. Classes are included with your membership and allows your children to explore in a structured group setting. Classes include Movement, tots n crafts, story time, sensory play, and painting. There are special classes for specific age groups such as Baby Buddies, and Toddler Buddies. These classes occur Monday-Friday at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM see their details to choose the class that is right for your little ones! Amaya is a great place to host a birthday party. They have packages to choose from that range from allowing you to handle most of the details, or have Amaya handle it all. Amaya Papaya hosts special guest events, camps, pizza nights, and other such activities sure to spark excitement with your children. Take some time this summer to discover a new favorite indoor playground and all of the ways that it bring family fun, friendship, and joy to the lives of you and your little ones. With a local indoor playground like Amaya Papaya you can chase away any Summer restlessness or rainy day blues! Hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am-4pm, Saturday’s are closed for private parties, Sunday’s are open the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 10am-1pm.

See their website for more information and full details. www.amayapapaya.com 

Amaya is located at 3385 US Highway 1792 suite 269 Casselberry, Florida 32707 and can be reached at 407-339-7529 Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their regular updates!

Enjoy exploring this exceptional venue, and have a happy, fun, and safe Summer!

By: Anne-Marie Ferraro